"Never Walk Alone Again"

"Never Walk Alone Again"

Monday, September 29, 2014

Now What?

So it's been a couple months now since you're recovery has started and right now you're starting to feel pretty good about yourself. You're probably starting to feel that you may now be able to get BACK to the person you once were, which is a recipe for disaster as we never want to return to the person we once were. We want to take our new tool box and tools and learn them so well and use them so good that we almost become a specialist in the trade. 

How do we accomplish such a feat you may be asking yourself, well it's simple really, it's just like learning to ride your bike or chase your dream of playing in the NHl...you have to practice, practice, practice. All to often we feel that we have done this and our once daily routine has now become an every other day routine and then a once a week routine right up to where we probably stop practicing and utilizing our new found tools at all. This my friends is what all the talk of the old cliche is all about...you have to "work your program" and as silly as it may seem it is the way to achieving your goal to recovery. 

I realize that you may feel there isn't enough time in the day sometimes to do it all but if you break down your day, get up a little earlier than normal and take the time needed that you will maintain this treasured life that you have once again begun to enjoy to the fullest. Below you see a sample of what I'm talking about and maybe just a daily routine that you may want to incorporate into your life and it is a simple one at that. 

First off, start everyday by just waking up and either talking to yourself or out loud and just tell yourself the following...." Today, I am going to be sober, I can't guarantee anything to myself or anyone for tomorrow or the next day but I do have control of today right now and this day I will live a clean life. 

Secondly, most of us today have either a laptop, tablet, computer or smart phone. If you haven't already begun to learn to meditate, download an app or take an online course. It will only take you 5 minutes to start this process but it will definitely get your day started in the right direction. You don't need to become a master of this overnight but just be open to it and learn as much about it as possible. 

Thirdly, Your daily readings and reflections are crucial, this may only take you 1-2 minutes to complete but it will be a very beneficial tool and allow you to be in a relaxed state of mind and use the tools you have been given to evaluate your rewarding for today. It will force you to think about yourself and then apply what you've learned up to this point. 

Now, you have just got your day started ,you've completed lots of work and prepared yourself to start your day and all it took was 15 mins. So, now what next.......

Fourthly, you have some options here but you need to find a way to get some sort of exercise in. Some enjoy doing it first thing in the morning while others like to exercise after their day has winded down as they then have some time to reflect on their day. The power of exercise is so wing that can not be overlooked, it will make you feel good about yourself and at the same time making you a healthier person and better able to fight the fight each and everyday. Make it a part of your daily routine.

The final exercise you need to ensure you do everyday is to take your daily inventory. This will also only take a few minutes but it will force you to be truthful and honest about your day and too see what you need to do to be better tomorrow and to eliminate and of those character defects that you discovered about yourself on your journey to here. This can be done in any number of ways but just a simple journal entry each and every night can make a world of a difference.

Now the final item I need to discuss is something that each and everyone of us do everyday but sometimes forget how important it is and how important it is to do this the proper way. We need to eat, but we need to begin to learn to eat healthy and on schedule. Any false belief that this shouldn't be an integral part of your program will set you on a course for disaster.. You will be eliminating and craving sensations from creeping up on you and you will be fuelling your body with good nutrients and helping you stay strong and healthy and as we discussed earlier this is a huge key to living a clean and sober life.

This my friends is as simple as it gets, it's probably a total of one extra hour in each of your life's but it is an hour a day that can mean the difference to everything. It will keep those tools in your box all finely tuned and ready to work, it will have you on your way to a healthier body and it will have your mind where it needs to be each and everyday. In the words of the immortal Erne Larsen and Father David the key to it all is "working your program" so if you've ever said to yourself...well I don't have a program to work well now you do!! This simple little template can be used by anyone and will probably become the most important program you will ever do!!